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Business Communications Expenses Reduced Almost 50% with FusionSIP.

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Significant Savings

A midwest business significantly reduced their local calling costs by switching to Fusion Connect.


  • Lower telephony expenses
  • Conserve valued CAPEX budget
  • Acquire new IP Telephone system supporting new applications and features
  • Acquire all telecom services through a single carrier
  • Execute SLA to ensure service quality

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The Challenge

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A small to medium sized company in the Midwest was interested in migrating to IP Communications. But, in today’s economy, they were hesitant to upgrade their communication system due to their perception that the cost would outweigh the benefits. They conducted a preliminary analysis and the cost of purchasing a SIP compatible phone system was simply not in the capital expenditure budget.

The Solution

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This company had only one office location with a monthly communication expense of nearly $6,000, which included carrier services, broadband and equipment expenses. They deployed FusionSIP including 48 Concurrent Call Sessions, 100 DIDs and 5 Toll-free numbers on a 3-year contract.

In most cases, deploying FusionSIP with a SIP compatible phone system substantially reduces overall monthly IP communications expenses. In this case, after analyzing the company’s needs, it was clear that the company could lease the new SIP compatible phone system, utilizing a 5-year Fair Market Value lease and spreading the cost out over time.

Leasing the new phone system prevented a major cash outlay and the customer was able to deploy FusionSIP, cutting communications costs immediately. With FusionSIP, the cost of their local calling was reduced from $3,100 per month to $1,485 per month. Long distance is included with FusionSIP, so that saved an immediate $950 per month.

Toll-free calls dropped from $1,761 per month to only $625 for the same service. With Fusion Connect, this small to mid-sized company had a monthly savings of $2,616.34 - almost half of their previous IP communications budget of $5,811.

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&Fusion Connect, this small to mid-sized company had a monthly savings of $2,616.34 - almost half of their previous IP communications budget of $5,811.

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