10 Reasons Companies are Moving Communications to the Cloud

    Cloud communications services are today’s mainstream alternative to on-premises phone systems. Here we look at 10 popular reasons why businesses are moving to the Cloud.

    1. Increased Agility
      Cloud communications enables businesses to act nimbly and rapidly react to ever changing market conditions. Work anywhere, instant office moves and easy expansions are common reasons to move to the Cloud.
    2. Embrace Mobile
      From simple mobile integration to powerful smartphone apps, users can embrace mobile and escape the confines of their cubicles! Customers get better service and employees are more productive.
    3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership
      Pay-as-you-use subscription model with functionality mapped to personas. And never worry about system obsolescence, maintenance, unplanned upgrades or costs to install new servers.
    4. Business Continuity Even Through A Disaster
      Stay open for business and sleep soundly at night knowing your Cloud communications service is naturally immune to any troubles at your premises - be it fire, flood, network or electrical outage.
    5. More Control
      Business owners / managers can focus on strategic business projects rather than managing telephony infrastructure. Intuitive user interfaces and analytics keep you in the driving seat.
    6. More Functionality, Customized User Experiences
      Cloud communication services tend to offer more useful features and easier business application integrations than the average-Joe on-premises telephone system. What’s more, persona-based packaging and pricing means you can tailor the functionality to each user’s needs.
    7. Increased Resilience
      Get high levels of resilience and security most businesses could not afford if they had to invest in their own system infrastructure.
    8. Scale Up, Scale Down
      Tailor-made to the size of business whatever the season or business cycle. Scale up and down without the worry of dimensioning your own in-house system to match peak periods.
    9. Future-Proof Platform Upgrades made by the Service Provider
      Fusion Connect offers a feature-rich platform and roadmap to keep your business ahead of the pack.
    10. Focus on Your Business, Not Your Infrastructure
      Invest time and money in running your business, not the phone system. Let the Service Provider take care of system dimensioning, maintenance and upgrades. Think of it like a gym membership versus buying and maintaining all your own fitness machines!

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