8 Ways SD-WAN Improves Your Network

Simpler and more cost-effective than traditional WAN deployments. Fusion Connect SD-WAN securely connects multi-location businesses to enable high-performing, reliable connections to data centers, branch locations and cloud services. SD-WAN aggregates bandwidth efficiently while providing greater control over application prioritization at a considerably lower cost than traditional WAN solutions.

Here are 8 ways SD-WAN improves your network:

  1. Gives essential applications, like VOIP calls, priority over less important applications.
  2. Saves money a) on access by tying together multiple low-cost bandwidth options and b) by preventing downtime. A small business can lose $12,500 per hour of downtime, and enterprises can lose 20x as much.
  3. Increases network security and data privacy with built-in features.
  4. Works across any combination of internet connections. Combine access types available at your location to achieve redundancy and increased bandwidth.
  5. Dynamically optimizes traffic over multiple links. If one circuit is having issues, SD-WAN seamlessly uses another, without interruption or IT intervention.
  6. Gives you full control over policy decisions, such as restricting access to certain websites while ensuring bandwidth is available.
  7. It is easy to deploy with zero touch provisioning. Deploys in days, not weeks or months. IT team can rapidly on-board new applications without the need for core-network quality of service updates typically required by MPLS.
  8. Ensures uptime, performance-based routing, redundancy and failover when using multiple access connections. It is simpler and more cost-effective than traditional WAN deployments.

SD-WAN solves connectivity challenges common to businesses everywhere, from poor application performance to outages. Contact us for more information.

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