Infographic: Broadband Road Map

When you embark on choosing an Internet service, you may feel like you’re stepping into a maze.

Depending on your business needs, there are various means to get connected including Business Ethernet, T1 and Bonded T1, DS3/OCx, DSL, and wireless. Each connectivity option has its own advantages and drawbacks that are important to know when coming to this critical decision. Your choice depends, in large part, on how you’ll use your connection at each location.

Blog and infographic originally posted April 14, 2014. Updated as of March 15, 2017.
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Infographic about Broadband circa 2017

Created by Fusion Connect Broadband Service Providers

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Broadband Road Map

Choosing the business Internet connectivity solution for your business start with understanding how your employees will use it.

  • Application
  • Business Growth
  • Employee Mobility
  • Built-in Redundancy

What direction should you go?

Navigate Your Broadband Options

Mile 1: Is redundancy and "no downtime" critical for your business?

  • Branch offices and remote workers
  • Cloud and enterprise applications
  • Multiple providers
  • Performance bottlenecks
  • Security required

Choose SD-WAN with Any Broadband Type

  • No need to change internet providers
  • Multiple links become a unified pool
  • Optimal utilization of resources
  • Network management is easier
  • Multiple circuits, devices, and services interoperate
  • Consolidated monitoring and visibility

Mile 2: Are you a business that requires reliable bandwidth for uploading and downloading large files?

  • Multimedia applications, including voice and video
  • Remove workers connecting to a main office
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Server/application hosting

Pick a Symmetric Ethernet

  • More bandwidth than T1/Bonded T1 at a much lower cost
  • Download and upload speeds up to 135x135 Mbps
  • Mission-critical performance
  • Dedicate vs. shared bandwidth
  • Nationwide availability

Mile 3: Are you a business that needs affordable service with fast download speeds, but don’t require fast upload speeds?

  • Organizations without a server on the premises
  • Locations that run non-mission-critical applications
  • Branch offices that access applications from headquarters
  • Remote office locations that do not upload a lot of content

Try Asymmetric Ethernet

  • Business-class SLAs; 99.90% guaranteed uptime (increases to 99.99% with Proactive Monitoring and Failover)
  • Asymmetrical speeds up to 50x10 Mbps
  • Dedicated vs. shared bandwidth
  • Engineered to support Quality of Service
  • Nationwide availability
  • More reliable site prequalification that cable

Mile 4: Are you a small business that doesn’t run a server, but you still need business-class connectivity for your locations and remote users with substantial upstream and downstream speeds?

  • Multiple Internet users
  • Multiple users who download streaming media applications
  • Utilize voice services

T1 may be the best fit

  • Robust SLAs; 99.99% guaranteed uptime (increases to 100% with Proactive Monitoring or Failover)
  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds of up to 12 Mbps with our Bonded T1 service
  • No distance-sensitivity from central office
  • Dedicated vs. shared bandwidth
  • Engineered to support Quality of Service
  • Nationwide availability

Mile 5: You selected to put your business in a high-tech building. So, are you a business that requires maximum performance, extreme speed, and excellent customer support?

Your best is DS3/OCx

  • Robust SLAs; 99.99% guaranteed uptime (increases to 100% with Proactive Monitoring or Failover)
  • Symmetrical bandwidth option up to multi-Gigabit speeds

Mile 6: Are you a business that primarily runs non-mission-critical applications but needs a business-class broadband connection? Or, do you need peace of mind with a backup service for your main connection?

DSL or Cable will work great

  • High bandwidth option; some with best efforts
  • Cost-effective
  • 99.5% uptime

Thanks for taking this drive with us. Feel free to travel back to Mile 1 to review options.

Today's businesses require reliable broadband services to support their workforces, their business-critical applications, and to provide the highest quality of service to their customers.

Fusion Connect offers a broad range of business-class broadband solutions and the expertise to help match your business needs and budget to the right service. Contact Fusion Connect for the best fit.

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