Infographic: Think Beyond Broadband

You have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing an Internet Service Provider. Although broadband speed and price are critical, you may not have considered other important factors in your broadband service provider checklist. A provider that offers nationwide coverage, for example, lets you work with a single source for all your locations and pay just one bill. Also look for providers that offer a resilient, secure network built for today’s bandwidth-intensive applications and data protection regulations.

This blog and infographic was first posted April 21, 2014. It was updated as of March 14, 2017.
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Infographic of things to consider when choosing an ISP for your business

Created by Fusion Connect Broadband Service Provider

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Think Beyond Broadband

4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Internet Provider for Your Business

Any business looking for internet service wants the fastest speed at the best price. You also want a provider that is both reliable and knowledgeable. But there is more to consider.

Is the provider’s network built for business applications? Are services integrated to work seamlessly for voice and WiFi? Do they offer nationwide coverage, a reduced IT burden, or the latest technology? When evaluating your options remember these four important considerations:

Nationwide Coverage

You might have a great service at your main location. But, if you have multiple locations or plan to add locations in the future, a provider's depth of network coverage is a critical consideration. Choose a provider with nationwide coverage to support and scale your business.

One-Stop Provider

Businesses move to the cloud to do more with less, so look for a provider that offers a secure, redundant network infrastructure built for business applications, along with a robust product portfolio that includes Internet, VoIP, Cloud Hosting, Data Storage, Hosted Email Exchange, and collaboration tools. When you consolidate these services across a single provider, you get the convenience of a single solution across all employees and locations under one bill and one point of contact for support.

An Extension of Your IT Staff

Information management is critical to ever business. A truly business-focused provider will serve as an extension of your IT staff, and offer tools that reduce the burden on IT by performing tasks such as monitoring router and firewall equipment, providing network usage states, and automating trouble ticketing to speed issue resolution. Understand what tools a provider offers up front.

Support the Latest Technology

All broadband options are not alike. They differ by speed, scalability, service level agreements (SLAs), technology, equipment needs, and cost. Ensure the broadband you select is the best fit for your business demands.

Broadband Connectivity Options

  • Cable
    Budget-friendly, nationwide coverage with best-effort service availability. Ideal for business locations where symmetric speeds are not required.
  • Fiber
    Dedicated symmetrical bandwidth at the highest speeds - up to 10 Gbps.
  • Asymmetric Ethernet
    A business-class alternative to cable. Dedicated bandwidth, robust performance and reliability.
  • Symmetric Ethernet
    Uses Ethernet First Mile for an easier, faster, more resilient service. Plus, it scales better than cable.
  • T1
    Highly available, high-speed service with robust SLAs. Alternative where Ethernet is not available.
  • Wireless
    Affordable, flexible, highly-available option. Great for redundant back-up and fill-in solutions.

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