Microsoft Standard Phone License

Unlock the full potential of your business communications with the Microsoft Standard Phone License—a cornerstone in modern telephony that merges traditional calling with cutting-edge digital innovation.

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Connecting the Dots…

…for Microsoft Standard Phone License

In a landscape where every conversation can turn into a pivotal business asset, the integration of voice services with Microsoft Teams through the Standard Phone License stands as a testament to the philosophy 'Where Voice Meets Innovation'.

By leveraging Fusion Connect's expertise in Teams Calling Services, businesses can unlock enhanced collaboration, streamline communication workflows, and ensure seamless connectivity across global teams.

When You Need a Microsoft Standard Phone License

Getting to grips with the landscape of Microsoft licenses requires a deep understanding of your organization's communication needs and future objectives. Here’s a closer look at scenarios necessitating the Microsoft Standard Phone License:


  • Expanding Global Communication

    As businesses grow and extend their reach globally, the need for a robust, scalable communication system becomes imperative. The Microsoft Standard Phone License enables organizations to bridge geographical gaps, ensuring clear, reliable communication across continents.
  • Whether coordinating with remote teams, connecting with international clients, or managing overseas operations, this license facilitates global connectivity without the complexity of traditional telephony solutions.
  • Migrating to Cloud-Based Solutions

    Transitioning from traditional on-premise PBX systems to cloud-based telephony is a significant step in digital transformation. The Microsoft Standard Phone License is pivotal for organizations looking to leverage Microsoft Teams for comprehensive communication and collaboration.
  • This migration not only streamlines operations but also enhances mobility, allowing employees to connect from anywhere, on any device, fostering a more flexible and productive work environment.
  • Enhancing Security and Compliance

    In an era where cybersecurity threats loom large, and regulatory demands grow increasingly stringent, the Microsoft Standard Phone License provides a secure foundation for communications.
  • Built on Microsoft's secure infrastructure, it ensures that calls made via Microsoft Teams are protected by robust security measures, including end-to-end encryption, compliance with global standards, and advanced threat protection, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining privacy.
  • When Your Current Licenses Fall Short

    Many organizations find that their existing Microsoft licensing arrangements do not fully meet their communication needs, especially when it comes to integrating advanced telephony features within Microsoft Teams.
  • Upgrading to or incorporating the Standard Phone License allows businesses to unlock comprehensive calling functionalities, ensuring their communication tools are not only up-to-date but also fully optimized for their operational requirements.
  • Managing a Large Volume of Licenses

    For enterprises juggling a vast array of Microsoft licenses across different departments or locations, streamlining license management can significantly reduce complexity and cost.
  • The Microsoft Standard Phone License can be a critical component of this strategy, offering a unified solution that simplifies administration, enhances operational efficiency, and potentially consolidates communication costs.
  • By evaluating and aligning the volume of licenses with organizational needs, businesses can ensure they are maximizing the value of their Microsoft investment.


Understanding Licensing Tiers and Compatibility

The Microsoft Standard Phone License does not encompass all Microsoft licensing levels. It's crucial to recognize which licenses include it and which ones require a separate purchase:

  • Included with E5 Licenses
    The E5 plan is the most comprehensive and includes the Standard Phone License, among other advanced features, without the need for separate purchases.
  • Requires Separate Purchase for E1 and E3 Licenses
    Organizations with E1 or E3 plans will need to acquire the Standard Phone License separately to leverage full telephony capabilities within Microsoft Teams.
  • Licenses Not Included
    It's essential to note that the Standard Phone License is specifically designed to enable calling features in Microsoft Teams and does not come bundled with other types of Microsoft licenses such as:

    • Office 365 F1 and F3
    • Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Business Standard


Maximizing Your Standard Phone License

With the Standard Phone License generally costing around $8 per seat, it offers a cost-effective solution to empower your Microsoft Teams environment with advanced calling features. This license enables organizations to choose the best route to integrate telephony within Teams, typically through two primary options:

  1. Operator Connect by Partnering with Microsoft Partners like Fusion Connect
    This option allows businesses to retain their existing telephony carriers or choose a preferred operator from Microsoft's list of partners.

    Fusion Connect, as a trusted partner, can facilitate the integration of Operator Connect, providing a seamless transition from legacy systems to a modern, cloud-based solution.
  2. Direct Call Plans from Microsoft
    Alternatively, organizations can opt for Microsoft's Calling Plans, which are purchased directly and provide a predetermined number of calling minutes.


Comparing Operator Connect and Microsoft Call Plans

  • Flexibility and Customization with Operator Connect
    Partnering with Fusion Connect for Operator Connect offers tailored solutions that align with specific business needs, potentially offering better rates, more flexibility in terms of call plans, and dedicated support for setup, migration, and ongoing management.
  • Simplicity and Integration of Microsoft Call Plans
    Direct Call Plans from Microsoft appeal to organizations looking for a straightforward, integrated solution without the need for external partnerships. These plans are simple to set up and manage directly within the Microsoft 365 admin center, offering a seamless experience for businesses with straightforward calling needs.


Four Benefits of Operator Connect Over Direct Call Plans

  1. Customization and Scalability
    Operator Connect provides a more tailored approach to telephony, offering solutions that can be customized to the unique needs of your business, allowing for scalability and flexibility.
  2. Expert Support and Integration
    By choosing a Microsoft Partner like Fusion Connect, businesses gain access to expert support, ensuring a smooth transition and integration process, as well as ongoing assistance.
  3. Cost Efficiency
    With the potential for customized calling plans and competitive rates, Operator Connect can offer more cost-effective solutions for businesses with extensive calling needs.
  4. Enhanced Features
    Many Operator Connect partners, including Fusion Connect, offer additional features and services that can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, providing added value beyond the basic calling capabilities.


The Future of Communications

Adopting the Microsoft Standard Phone License through Fusion Connect is a strategic move towards enhancing your business communication systems, setting a new benchmark for collaboration, efficiency, and growth.


Empowering Innovation Through Voice

The partnership between Fusion Connect and Microsoft Teams, enabled by the Standard Phone License, not only enhances communication capabilities but also drives business innovation and transformation, this will put you on the path to transforming phone and meeting data into a valuable digital asset.


Enhance your business communications with the Microsoft Standard Phone License and Fusion Connect's innovative solutions. Our expertise in Microsoft Teams and voice technologies ensures your business is positioned for success.


Let’s make your voice innovation a reality with Fusion Connect and Microsoft Teams.

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