Microsoft Teams' Avatars

Avatars Offer Innovative Experiences for Remote Workforces

Microsoft Teams has introduced a new feature that allows users to use an Avatar character in place of their own image via a camera during virtual meetings.

This new feature, which is currently available for Microsoft Public Preview users, is a step further towards an immersive Metaverse experience. It also ensures that everyone can participate in meetings in a way that makes them feel empowered.

In this blog post, we will explore four reasons to use the new Avatar feature in Microsoft Teams now, and how it can help to promote collaborative experiences across your team.

Microsoft Teams Avatars

  1. Some people are camera shy or experience camera fatigue.

    Many people feel self-conscious or uncomfortable when appearing on camera during virtual meetings or when doing so over extended periods of time. This can lead to anxiety and may prevent them from fully engaging in the conversation and exchanging ideas with the team. The new Avatar feature in Microsoft Teams provides a solution in these cases, allowing people to participate in meetings without feeling uncomfortable and alleviating camera fatigue.
  2. People in different time zones may not be camera-ready for very early, or very late, meetings.

    With global, disparate teams, meetings are often scheduled across different time zones, making meetings very early in the morning for some participants or late in the evening for others. This can make it difficult for people to be ready to appear on camera. The Avatar feature allows participants to join the meeting without needing to worry about their appearance or state of dress, enabling them to focus on the meeting and not worry about the time difference.
  3. People may have camera issues that prevent seamless participation.

    Some users may have technical issues with their camera, or not enough resources to effectively run their camera, or may not have a camera at all. This makes it difficult for them to participate fully in virtual meetings. The Avatar feature allows them to join the meeting and engage in the conversation without needing to have a working camera or PC performance.
  4. Team members may not have a clean or professional background and would prefer to run an Avatar that includes a virtual background.

    For some participants, their background may not be suitable for a professional setting, or they may not have access to a private space for their virtual meetings. Since the avatar feature does not use the camera showing a live background, this allows people to appear in the meeting with a professional and polished image and background, regardless of their physical environment.

The new Avatar feature in Microsoft Teams is an exciting next step towards Metaverse experiences in virtual meetings. It's a game-changer for allowing employees to express themselves in new ways and overcome hurdles of virtual working. It enables all participants to join meetings in a way that makes them feel comfortable and empowered, regardless of their individual circumstances.

Whether it’s camera shyness or fatigue, technical difficulties, or personal preferences, the Avatar feature provides a solution for everyone.

It’s a simple but powerful feature that can make a big difference in ensuring that virtual meetings are collaborative and accessible for all.

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