Retailers Use WiFi to Generate Revenue

As a brick and mortar retailer, you know that foot traffic is decreasing while online purchases are increasing1. You also know that online systems gather valuable customer information that internet retailers, like Amazon, use to increase customer loyalty and sales.

What if you could get similar data from customers actually in your store? It’s possible with Managed WiFi.

Customers enter your store with cell phones in hand. By offering WiFi access, you can collect customer demographics – especially if you enable WiFi login over social networks and integrate with Google Analytics.

Retailers of all sizes can gather intelligence on:

  • Network and user profile information
  • Web sites visited or blocked
  • Social interests
  • Presence data (length of time in store, position within store, frequency of visits)
  • Whether customers walked by, but didn’t enter, your store
  • Campaign effectiveness

Armed with customer information, you can build targeted messages via email, SMS text, or social platforms. Survey customers. Pull customer information into your CRM system. And leverage this new knowledge to craft messages and offers that appeal to your customers’ interests. It matters not if you have one small boutique or a dozen stores, you can mine customer data similar to ecommerce giants.

1 “What in the World Is Causing the Retail Meltdown of 2017?”, The Atlantic, April 10, 2017, by Derek Thompson

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