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Admiral Beverage chose Fusion Connect Business Voice with Unified Communications (UC) to replace their failing PBX, saving up to $50,000 annually.

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“We estimate that we’ll save between $25,000 and $50,000 per year with our new Hosted Voice and Unified Communications solution.”

—Jim Hill, Director of IT, Admiral Beverage Corp

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The Challenge

  • Failing PBX’s caused phone and voicemail outages and prevented internal and external customers from contacting fulfillment centers to order products
  • Years of growth increased long distance charges and taxed the aging voice system, which no longer supported today’s mobile business environment

The Solution

  • Hosted Voice with Unified Communications When implementation is complete, Admiral will have 290 Hosted Voice and UC seats in 22 locations, including over 120 seats at its corporate headquarters
  • Admiral gains UC capabilities including HD Video calling, SMS Texting, Presence, Instant Messaging, and Screen Sharing, all in a single app available for Windows and Mac desktops, mobile, and tablet devices
  • 2Evolve Technologies, a leading channel partner, recommended the solution and partnered on the voice configuration and installation

The Results

  • Annual savings estimated between $25,000 and $50,000
  • Feature-rich, stable phone system and voicemail support the communications among staff and customers, reliably
  • Advanced features, such as Voicemail transcribed as Email, simplify and streamline tasks, such as responding to Voicemail while remote
  • Staff across nine states can choose how they communicate, relying on real-time collaboration tools on whatever devices they choose

Time for a Voice System Upgrade

Admiral Beverage used PBXs at its 22 locations across nine states, many of which were aging and unstable. “At a lot of our smaller sites, the voice systems were really struggling. The phones, voicemail, or both literally would not work,” explains Jim Hill, Director of IT, Admiral Beverage Corporation.

“External customers couldn’t get through to place orders and our staff out in the field could not call into their voicemail to monitor order levels.” With communications and logistics central to Admiral’s successful beverage production and fulfillment business, the company reached out to 2Evolve Technologies, their trusted IT consultant, to help identify and implement a better solution.


Stable, Feature-Rich Voice System Supports Mobile Communications and Logistics

Admiral Beverage first considered and set up a pilot of another provider’s Hosted Voice system. When 2Evolve introduced its IT leaders to Fusion Connect Hosted Voice, the company decided to try it as well. After comparing the two systems, Admiral Beverage selected Fusion Connect Hosted Voice “for its superior feature set,” and the fact that its “a large, stable company,” according to Hill.


Modern Mobility Features Save Time

Hosted Voice gives us advanced features we didn’t have with our old PBXs,” says Hill. For example, Find Me/Follow Me lets users forward their desk phone to their cell phone and use it as their primary business phone while they are out of office.

“Our employees love that they can use one number—their Hosted Voice business number—to be reached on virtually any device.” Visual Voicemail has also been a much appreciated feature, according to Hill.

“If users don’t want to take a call because they’re meeting a client, for example, they can let it go to voicemail and it gets delivered to their Inbox transcribed into easy-to-read text. Users really like the fact that they can spot check voicemail from their Smartphone. Scanning the text is quicker and much less disruptive than listening through recorded voicemails.”


Unified Communications Drive Efficiencies

To further meet Admiral Beverage’s communications and logistics needs, the company is deploying Unified Communications, in addition to Hosted Voice. Within the UC app, users can see which contacts are online, make or receive voice calls via the softphone client and easily record calls on the fly.

Users can also reach contacts with an IM, SMS text, or HD voice or video call, and share their screen with up to 100 online meeting participants. UC delivers this functionality within a single, intuitive interface that’s available on desktop, mobile, or tablet devices.


Cost Savings: More than $25,000 Annually

One of Admiral Beverage’s goals in modernizing its voice system was to reduce costs, specifically, long distance charges and costs for local lines/phone numbers.

“We estimate that we’ll save between $25,000 and $50,000 per year with our new Hosted Voice and Unified Communications solution,” says Hill. “Some companies might not consider that a lot, but we think it’s a lot.”


Knowledgeable Resources Get the Job Done

With an internal IT team that is stretched thin and already dedicated to other projects, Admiral Beverage opted for Professional Installation. The implementation team consisted of a project lead from Admiral Beverage and Voice implementation experts from both Fusion Connect and 2Evolve Technologies.

“The combined team has worked directly with our local offices and site managers regarding lines, users, call routing, and so on. They have been very helpful,” says Hill.


Who is ABC?

Begun in 1947 with a single production line bottling two flavors, Admiral Beverage Co. has grown considerably. Today they produce and distribute hundreds of flavors and brands of beverages in bottles and cans. The company operates 35 facilities throughout a nine-state region, offering ready-to-drink teas, juices, beer, full-calorie, mid-calorie, and zero-calorie soft drinks, as well as its own brand of bottled water.


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“Our employees love that they can use one number—their Hosted Voice business number—to be reached on virtually any device.”

– Jim Hill, Director of IT, Admiral Beverage Corp


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