Data Clean Case Study

    Data Clean turned to Fusion Connect for nearly all their Internet service needs from Business Voice to SD-WAN to Internet Connectivity.

    The Challenge

    • Employees located in five offices across the U.S. needed to be connected Field staff needed to get online when in the office
    • Aging phone equipment was in need of replacement
    • Employees frequently complained about slow connectivity
    • MPLS network initially solved office connectivity issues, however Internet access became “wildly bursty” and circuits were not bi-directional

    The Solution

    • Hosted Voice from Fusion Connect gave employees a consistent, high-quality phone system across all locations, while simplifying vendor management
    • Dedicated Internet Access replaced DSL at larger offices for added throughput and redundancy
    • Replaced MPLS network with SD-WAN to resolve bandwidth inconsistency

    The Results

    • Phone system works well and IT can manage everything remotely, which could never have been done with POTS lines
    • Fusion Connect services are now a “ubiquitous utility” they no longer have to think about
    • Field staff and guests can now easily get online in any office

    Out with the Old, In with the New

    In 2013, Data Clean’s President and Co-Owner, Rich Hill, was dealing with perennial complaints about slow connectivity speeds attributed to bandwidth. At the same time, the company’s traditional POTS phone equipment was at its end of life. Hill wanted to upgrade his data network while transitioning the company to Voice over IP (VoIP).

    Because the quality of VoIP service goes hand in hand with the reliability of the Internet connection, Hill knew he wanted to get both services from one provider to avoid finger pointing should any issues arise.

    “I knew if we were going to run VoIP on top of our Internet pipe, we’d be better off working with one vendor. I didn’t want providers pointing fingers at each other if we had a problem,” recalled Hill, who met with Fusion Connect and discussed implementing Hosted Voice over an MPLS network. “Fusion Connect checked the boxes for the services we needed and the economics.”


    Moving to a Cloud-Based Phone System

    In 2013, Data Clean implemented Fusion Connect Business Voice across its five main office locations. As a result, employees benefit from dozens of mobility and calling features including Call Forwarding, Find-Me/Follow-Me, and Voicemail Transcribed as Email.

    The Voice Manager portal also lets employees make and receive phone calls, change routing, and turn features on or off using any desktop browser or their smartphone.

    Hill can also easily make changes to the corporate account, chat with support, and add users and phones across all of his locations within the Fusion Connect Customer Portal. “The Fusion Connect phones work great and we’re able to manage everything remotely which we could never do with our old POTS service,” said Hill.


    Switch from MPLS to SD-WAN

    After talking to other providers, Data Clean opted to migrate from MPLS to SD-WAN. “Other providers literally would not offer a bundled package,” recalled Hill. “Providers that sold networks, couldn’t sell phones, and vice versa. Fusion Connect offered the whole package and they also do all the heavy lifting. The carriers have a myriad of provisioning systems, all with wildly different processes, and Fusion Connect takes care of all of it.”

    SD-WAN gave Data Clean the ability to deploy redundant, bi-directional Internet circuits for around the same cost as their MPLS service. “The SD-WAN network performs great. We were also able to replace DSL with Dedicated Internet Access at our larger offices,” said Hill.


    Managed WiFi Gives Professional Style

    While moving to SD-WAN, Hill wanted to include a guest network and put corporate protection in place. “Fusion Connect Managed WiFi gives our field staff and visitors secure Internet access without jumping on our corporate network,” recalled Hill. “Employees can also access the corporate network at any office using the same credentials. It feels like we work at a big company because everything works like it’s supposed to.”


    Full Services Solution

    “Network performance  has become a non-issue.  Fusion Connect has become a ubiquitous utility that we take for granted. We don’t have to think about it. It’s like a light switch. It turns on and it does what I need it to do.”

    —Rich Hill, President, Data Clean

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    “The Fusion Connect phones work great and we’re able to manage everything remotely which we could never do with our old POTS service.”

    Rich Hill, President, Data Clean



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