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    Gryphon Technologies is the leading provider of on-demand, contact governance solutions. Combining compliance, preference, and productivity know-how to help leading companies eliminate risk and increase opportunity.

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    The Challenge


    Fusion Connect was approached by Gryphon, a well-established financial firm that utilized an application that assured compliance with Federal Do Not Call (DNC) regulations. The application was the company’s Network’s Core Phone Do Not Call phone-based solution.

    Gryphon was in the planning process of analyzing whether a Cloud based (Hosted) phone system could be implemented within their company. Gryphon was attracted to FusionWorks Pro as an option to replace their premise based PBX, but any new solution had to be integrated with their Core Phone application.

    At the time, Gryphon was using traditional TDM-based Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) at their locations. Due to their need for high audio quality in their phone service, they were concentrating on Hosted Providers who could facilitate direct access between their locations and the provider’s network. Hosted Service via the public internet was deemed too fraught with intermittent quality issues to be entertained as a viable option.

    The Solution

    Gryphon made the decision to implement the FusionWorks Pro solution and the installation process begun at the first location in Florida.

    Fusion Connect ordered a carrier T1 loop from the customer’s location back to the Fusion Connect network. This dedicated connection allowed Fusion Connect to provide the highest level of reliability and call quality.

    As a result, calls placed by the client’s employees at the Florida office were seamlessly integrated with the Gryphon Core Phone application so that all the pertinent DNC regulations were followed.

    When Gryphon originally approached, Fusion Connect’s service was not integrated with Gryphon’s Core Phone application. Once apprised of the client’s requirement to keep the Core Phone functionality, Fusion Connect had its developers communicate directly with Gryphon’s developers.


    In less than 30 days, Fusion Connect was able to send and receive queries via an electronic application programming interface (API) with Gryphon. Contrast this to the long and arduous development process usually associated with the proprietary software platform providers who power many of today’s cloud based hosted voice services.

    The second location slated for installation was the client’s offices in New York City. This location was larger and required the installation of a fiber loop back to the Fusion Connect network. The fiber loop was required because the customer wanted 100mb of DIA connectivity in this location along with the voice connectivity.

    Once the NYC location was brought onto the FusionWorks Pro platform, all calls between the NY and Florida offices became free (on-net) calls.


    Who is Gryphon Technologies?

    For more than 20 years, Gryphon Technologies has been a pioneer and innovator in sales acceleration technology. Integrating powerful sales tools with its own high-performance communication network to provide automation and visibility into key sales performance analytics. Gryphon counts the world’s top brokerage firms and financial services experts among their satisfied clients.

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