Hunsucker Goodstein Law Firm Case Study

    Saved substantial money by choosing Fusion Connect as its connectivity and communications provider.

    The Challenge

    • Avoid excessive line charges, taxes, and fees.
    • Replace traditional carrier service and on-premises voice system requiring vendor support and high-touch management and administration.

    The Solution

    • Fusion Connect High-Speed Internet and Hosted Voice deployed at two offices.
    • Phones with High-Definition Voice including Poly VVX 500 executive phones with touch screen and video camera deliver superior quality calls and lend a more personal experience to phone conversations.

    The Results

    • Substantial savings on long distance, line charges, fees, and taxes.
    • Hosted Voice delivers far more features at half the cost of a traditional phone system.
    • 50+ features such as Find Me/Follow Me, Fusion Anywhere, Visual Voicemail, and inter-company Extension Dialing support the mobile work style of attorneys and other staff from the courthouse to the office.
    • Fusion Connect’s easy-to-use portal enables the firm’s voice administrator to manage features and users—tasks that once required an on-site visit from a phone consultant.

    Looking for Cost Savings

    Costs for voice services provided by a traditional carrier rose considerably. “All the line charges, taxes and fees were ridiculous and our bills were increasing,” explains Tina Riehl, Firm Administrator at Hunsucker Goodstein.

    “We were paying a high cost for very basic service and features. We needed to look at different solutions and had been considering Hosted VoIP as an alternative to our traditional phone service.”


    Solution in the Cloud

    The firm found its solution with Fusion Connect Hosted Voice. Following the advice of IT Consultant and Fusion Connect Partner Intivix, the firm chose Fusion Connect as its connectivity and communications provider.

    Approximately 25 users at two offices (San Francisco Bay area and Washington, D.C.) rely on Fusion Connect high-speed Internet and Fusion Connect Hosted Voice. The firm’s other two locations reside in office spaces that provide Internet and Phone service as part of the lease packages.


    Communications Costs Reduced 50%

    “We saved a substantial amount with the switch to Fusion Connect Hosted Voice,” explains Riehl. “Phone charges in one location went from more than $1,500 to just over $700 per month. And it’s a better value because we get much more functionality.”

    Some of the savings result from no-cost extension dialing between the two distant offices that use Fusion Connect Hosted Voice. Fusion Connect Voice treats these calls within the Hunsucker Goodstein voice system as if they are within the same office.


    Features Enable Mobile Work Styles

    Riehl gives the example of one employee who splits her time between D.C., the Bay Area, and a home office. “She can set her calls to forward directly to her mobile or to any nearby phone, so her calls reach her regardless of location.”

    Similarly, the supports outbound calling from any device. These calls appear to originate from the Hosted Voice line and use the firm’s Hosted Voice minutes plan, avoiding reimbursements for long distance and roaming charges.

    Firm users also find Visual Voicemail very useful. This feature delivers voicemail to a user’s email Inbox, enabling staff to easily scan email for voicemails and quickly act on them.


    Powerful Administration Tools

    Fusion Connect Hosted Voice is designed for business continuity in case of a severe storm or other disaster. “If we have a blizzard in D.C. that prevents people from coming in, or if our Internet line gets cut, I can log into the portal and, in an instant, forward calls to our Bay Area office to be answered there,” says Riehl.

    It’s also easy to manage call routing and features, administer users, and even order new services and equipment via the Fusion Connect Customer Portal. “With our traditional phone system, our consultant would have to come in and make any changes we needed,” says Riehl. “And it needed to happen when he was available. Now, I can go into the customer portal to re-assign a line or add a user.”


    Superior Support

    “Every Fusion Connect support rep that I’ve ever worked with has been incredibly helpful and friendly,” remarks Riehl. “They work tenaciously to resolve any issue or question to my satisfaction. They have gone above and beyond, and I can’t say enough.”

    The firm has been a Fusion Connect customer since 2011 and recently upgraded its voice platform, gaining a range of new features. “There is some really nice functionality with this system that we didn’t have before.”

    Throughout the changeover, the Fusion Connect implementation team worked alongside Riehl and her IT consultant. “There were some bumps during the migration, which is typical of almost any technology change,” Riehl says, “but the Fusion Connect project team was very proactive and responsive and the service has been working great.”


    Simplified Internet & Phone Solutions

    “Phone charges in one location went from more than $1,500 to just over $700 in one month.”

    –Tina Riehl, Firm Administrator, HGN Law

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    “We saved a substantial amount with the switch to Fusion Connect Hosted Voice… And, it’s a better value because we get much more functionality.”

    Tina Riehl, Firm Administrator, HGN Law


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