Tallen Technology Rentals Case Study

    Devasted by fire, Tallen turned to Fusion Connect to keep them up and running.

    Business Continuity Solutions

    “Built-in business continuity was a major reason we chose Fusion Connect’s hosted solution.”

    —Steve Ratkai, IT Manager

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    The Challenge

    In January, 2014 Tallen Technology Rentals suffered a serious fire in their Iselin headquarters, requiring the company’s complete evacuation. The company needed to get their team back to work, collaborating from their desktops to continue to provide their customers with the same outstanding service for which they are known and respected.

    Tallen knew from past experience that Fusion Connect had a solution they could count on and immediately called on them to provide the same support that had kept them up and running during the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy the year before.


    The Solution

    Fortunately, Tallen had previously set in place a Disaster Recovery plan with Fusion Connect. This plan made it possible, on day one, for pre-configured IP telephones to be supplied to each employee; where they were immediately delivered to a temporary Tallen work site located in a rented space in a nearby hotel.

    Fusion Connect had replicated each employee’s specific settings so that they were able to seamlessly take up their tasks. With auto routing of calls to cell phones as well as the swift delivery of the IP phones, customer calls continued to be connected. The user experience was exactly the same as it has always been, allowing Tallen to focus on serving their customers instead of learning a new and unfamiliar system.

    Within two hours after the fire, the company was up and running again thanks to prior contingency planning and Fusion Connect’s quick response.

    The Hosted Voice solution, in concert with on-net connectivity of unparalleled quality supported by outstanding, 24x7 live technical support, enables location and device agnostic communication, meaning that Tallen was able to continue to operate, even during a disaster as devastating as a hurricane or as damaging as a fire.


    Steve Ratkai, Tallen’s IT manager, explained, “Fusion Connect saved the day for us not once, but twice, with a quick response that minimized downtime and helped us conduct business as usual. Built-in business continuity was a major reason we chose a hosted solution, and that decision has certainly paid off.”

    “Suffering two disasters in as many years, we were able to get back online and function remotely as though we were back at the office. There’s no doubt about it. Fusion Connect delivers a service you can rely on.”

    “The fact that Fusion Connect was able to supply us with pre-programmed phones the next day was a huge help to us. Your quick action went a long way towards ensuring our business continuity plan’s success. Our customers are our first priority, and with your help we were able to continue to serve them as usual.”


    Who is Tallen Technology Rental?

    Tallen Technology Rentals, an Iselin, NJ based technology rental provider, has been a Fusion Connect customer since February, 2012. For almost two decades, Tallen has provided audio visual productions and technology solutions. Tallen supports meetings of all scopes and sizes in the US and abroad, and their portfolio includes many Fortune 500 firms.

    Tallen produces over 13,000 events worldwide annually for the Pharmaceutical, Financial, Legal, Trade Show, and En-tertainment industries. They provide every client with the most professional, superior, and reliable A/V and support services available.

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    “Fusion Connect saved the day for us not once, but twice, with a quick response that minimized downtime and helped us conduct business as usual.”

    Steve Ratkai, IT Manager


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