Cisco Meraki MX67C/MX68CW

    Designed from the ground up with a new built-in cellular modem the MX67C and MX68CW are designed to simplify any deployment that requires a cellular uplink. This is ideal for small remote locations with unreliable WAN circuit providers or for sites that want the highest level of redundancy and availability. The Meraki Dashboard in addition with the built-in cellular uplink allows for simple and easy deployment of the MX67C or MX68CW with minimal pre-configuration in almost any location.

    Cisco Meraki MX67C/MX68CW

    Equipment Features


      • Enterprise or Advanced Security Software
      • WAN - 1XGbE RJ45; 1 convertible LAN GbE RJ45
      • LAN -  4XGbE RJ45
      • 2x2 MU-MIMO Fixed Antennas
      • Desktop/Wall Mount


      • Enterprise or Advanced Security Software
      • WAN – 2XGbE RJ45
      • LAN – 10XGbE RJ45; 2XGbE RJ45 PoE+
      • 802.11 Wireless – 1.3Gb Max Data Rate
      • Fixed Antennas serve both 802.11 and LTE
      • Desktop or Wall Mount

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