Cradlepoint W1850

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    Cradlepoint W1850

    Designed for branches that require the higher performance of Cat 20 LTE and low- and mid- band 5G, the Cradlepoint W1850 Series is an enterprise-class, dual connectivity 5G and LTE wireless adapter. The W1850 adapters can be paired with a Cradlepoint router in “captive modem mode” to provide virtual single-endpoint deployment, monitoring, and control. Or, the adapters can connect to a third-party router via an Ethernet connection to provide an instant WAN upgrade.

    The Cradlepoint W1850 5G/LTE Wireless Adapter, made of stylized plastic is designed for indoor use.

    Cradlepoint W1850

    Top Device Features

      • Adaptive to any networking and SD-WAN environment
      • Zero-touch deployment and day-1 broadband without on-site IT staff
      • Passthrough Throughput: 2.3 Gbps
      • Dual Connectivity: 5G low/mid-band & Cat 20 LTE
      • LAN Connectivity: 2.5 GbE
      • Supports multi-carrier eSIM configurations

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