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    Downloads & Installs

    MobileConnect for Windows
    Download (.msi)

    MobileConnect for Mac
    Download (.dmg)

    Also available for your Android or iPhone Devices:

    Version 6.10.2
    Download on the Apple App Store
    Version 6.10.2
    Download on the Google Play Store

    Release Notes v6.5.5.2

    Mac & Windows Feature Updates

    • Jabra headsets integration: Jabra device handling in Bria has been completely reworked to ensure Bria works properly with most Jabra headsets.
    • Click-to-dial with an extension: Use the tel protocol to set up a hyperlink for click-to-dial with an extension.
      For example, the code dial +1-604-555-3727 Extension 1 instructs Bria to call the number, pause, then call the extension.
    • You can customize the pause period to the length that works in your environment.
      Use the setting feature:tel_uri_processing:pause_sequence.
      The default value is ,,,, (four commas).
      Change the number of commas to make the pause longer or shorter according to your PBX/SIP server.

    Android Feature Updates

    • Resolved issues
      Fixed an issue on the in-call screen where the Contacts button beside the caller's display name did not appear even though the contact was saved in the local / native contacts list. This issue was observed for outgoing calls. Now the Contacts button appears on both incoming and outgoing calls as long as the contact exists in the native contacts list with the matching softphone number.
    • Fixed an issue where long-tapping on history record stopped Bria from working.
    • Fixed an issue on UI where the account status message did not appear when network was disabled on the device.
    • Multiple stability fixes.

    IOS Feature Updates

    • Fixed an issue with Help Desk Assistant where a reference code did not generate when user chose Connect to initiate a session.

    Instructional Videos

    Watch our instructional videos about FusionWorks Pro UC and Mobile Connect. Get started understanding this full featured communications product.


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