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MobileConnect for Windows
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MobileConnect for Mac
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MobileConnect Guest Client
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Also available for your Android or iPhone Devices:

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Release Notes v6.5.2.0

Windows & Mac Feature Updates Changes

  • The default value for upstream video resolution is now 480p. Users who previously selected another resolution under Preferences > Devices > Other Devices > Max Resolution will see no change until they uninstall and install the app again.
  • [Mac] Improved notification handling for the missing Microphone or Camera permission.
  • [Windows] Outlook contacts now remain displayed when internet connection is unavailable on the device.
  • Updates to the latest Jabra SDK.
  • Previously the HTTPS GET request was used to log the user into the End User Portal. Now Stretto Platform supports both POST and GET. To send a POST request, additional configurations are required, as well as Stretto Platform 3.2.0 patch 1002.

6.3.2 Changes

  • Features (More) - Diagnostics Packet Capture

6.3.1 Changes

  • User Preferences - Camera - Max Resolution Visibility

Android Feature Updates

6.4.1+ Changes

  • Feature Preferences - Collaboration Mute Mic On Join
  • User Preferences - Show Number In Notification
  • User Preferences - Flip to silence ringer

6.3.4 Changes

Features removed:
  • Video features - Quality: Low (CIF)

6.3.1 Changes

  • Languages - Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Italian, Polish as supported languages
  • User Preferences - Default Account for History
  • User Preferences - Mute when face down

iPhone Feature Updates

6.6.3 Changes

  • Fixed an issue with Bria Push where the first incoming call fails after the app was terminated by OS in the background.

6.4.4 Changes

  • Splash Screen - new resolution background images required for iOS 14 support (1284x2778, 2224x2224)

6.4.3 Changes

  • New options available for branding: Login Background - Include logo on Login Screen
  • Feature preferences - Video Quality: 480p
  • Feature Preferences - Collaboration Mute Mic On Join
  • Feature Preferences - Collaboration Mute Speaker On Join

6.3.6 Changes

  • New options available for branding: Screen Colors - new color settings introduced: Navigation tab icons
  • CallKit Handling - Display Account Name

6.3.3 Changes

  • Languages - Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Italian, Polish as supported languages
  • Push Notification - Suppress MWI Push Notifications
  • User Preferences - Mute When Face Down
  • Directory - Search on demand
Features removed:
  • Feature Preferences - Send landscape
  • Advanced Settings - Use VPN if active

6.2.4 Changes

  • Accounts - Force Outbound Proxy

6.2.3 Changes

  • App Store - Notifications Extension (for Push)
  • Languages - Korean as supported language
  • Features (general) - Per Account Call Forwarding
  • Accounts - Call Forwarding

Note: You can now configure call forwarding per SIP account as well as globally on all SIP accounts on Bria Enterprise. When both are enabled, the global call forwarding takes effect.

Features Removed:
  • User Preferences - Incoming Call - Allow Answer on Lockscreen

Instructional Videos

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