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Migration/Upgrade FAQ

  1. I received this email but have no idea what you’re talking about?
    We are upgrading customer UC platforms to the newest UCaaS with Webex service, that includes many enhancements and features you did not have before. Get started by downloading and installing the app above!
  2. Is this a Cisco product that we’re using?
    This is a Fusion Connect product brought to you in partnership with Cisco, the global leading provider in video conferencing solutions. Together we bring you a fully integrated collaboration experience, seamlessly delivering our calling that you rely on with Cisco Webex advanced messaging and meetings capabilities, all within in a single app.
  3. Can I still contact you for support?
    Yes, absolutely! Please continue to contact Fusion Connect at https://www.fusionconnect.com/support for any questions related to UCaaS with Cisco Webex. Additionally, there is an online help center you can bookmark for any feature related questions.
  4. Do I have to upgrade?
    Yes, the upgrade is required.
  5. I downloaded the new UCaaS with Webex. What’s next?
    Great! Start searching for colleagues to send them a chat or give them a ring. Keep in mind that in order to communicate with your colleagues, they must also be using the new UCaaS with Webex app.
  6. Do I need to access my current UCaaS app or can I delete it?
    Once you’ve retrieved all your contacts and added them to your new app and saved any old messages, you’ll have no need to continue to login to the old service.
  7. I downloaded the new app but now I don’t see any of my contacts?
    Awesome! You’re almost there. When you downloaded the new app, old contacts did not migrate over. With UCaaS with Webex, all you need to do is search for a co-worker and then start a chat. Once chat is initiated, your chat message will appear in the activity feed (second column).
  8. I downloaded the app but don’t see my message history.
    When you downloaded the new app, your old message history did not migrate over. Please log in to the UC One app to retrieve and save old messages.
  9. I downloaded the new app, logged in, but I’m not able to see or find my co-workers.
    Your colleagues most likely have not yet downloaded and logged into the new app yet. Next step is to get everyone in your company to take the same steps you did so everyone can start experiencing the power of Webex!
  10. I downloaded both the desktop and mobile apps. Will my chats be synchronized?
    Yes! All activity from your messages and call history will be synched. You can seamlessly move between desktop and mobile and always have the most recent activity captured.
  11. I can’t complete my registration. It says my email is in use.
    Webex requires a unique email address to complete your registration. If you have an existing account, you’ll either need to delete that free account or provide us with a new email address. Follow these instructions to complete your registration.