The Benefits of SD-WAN

  • Jul 29, 2019
  • By Fusion Marketing

With the business world becoming more digitally-oriented every year, almost every industry requires an online infrastructure for day-to-day operations.

With software and technological solutions making every part of running a business more convenient, you must have a network connection that allows for transfer of large amounts of data, and communicates between office branches.

However, finding reliable solutions that can meet the ever-increasing needs of business organizations can be a challenge.

One solution that has proven to be very effective is SD-WAN, or software-defined WAN. There are numerous SD-WAN benefits for enterprises such as cost-effectiveness, better bandwidth, and increased security. With the help of SD-WAN, sharing information and data between branches becomes faster and easier than ever, which can have a huge positive effect on the daily workflow.

What are the main advantages of WAN for your business? Read on below to find out.

Ease of Deployment

One of the main SD-WAN benefits for enterprises is that it’s much easier to deploy than most other solutions, which means that the cost of implementation is also greatly reduced.

Before SD networking, companies had to invest in developing their own data center infrastructure, adding remote access network through wide area networks (WANs). The entire process was time and resource intensive. It required hardware to be stored and maintained on-site, and the selection of service providers who could make it happen was poor as well, meaning that some locations didn’t have such options at all.

But with the rise of cloud technology, it’s easier than ever to use a virtual data center. Now businesses achieve the same results with a much simpler and more affordable deployment process.

With the help of Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology, virtual servers take over and the entire system can be installed using software instead of a physical server location.

The effectiveness of SD-WAN offers unparalleled flexibility to companies, allowing them to scale according to their needs at the moment and find the most cost-effective solution that fits their needs best.

High-Quality Voice & Video

Communication on the internet is becoming a crucial part of business operations. With more people working from remote locations, it’s essential to have effective ways to share information and participate in meetings using video conferences, internet-based calls, and online chatting functionality.

But without a reliable internet connection, all of activities can become challenging. Organizations need to ensure that even if employees are communicating with someone in another continent, the quality of the stream does not suffer.

That’s one area where SD-WAN benefits are obvious – it can greatly improve your connection quality by offering multiple data forwarding paths and constantly optimizing performance to ensure that only the fastest connections are used.

SD-WAN protects from network “jitters” that cause fluctuations in the speed and, if not dealt with, can lead to disruptions for video or audio streaming. The technology constantly measures the performance of data packets and realigns the timing of the streams to maintain a stable connection at all times.

By constantly finding the best path to send and receive the data, SD-WAN can prevent latency and jittering of the streams and offers a smooth experience that allows you to focus on your business instead of having to constantly deal with issues.

SD-WAN Security Benefits

The importance of network security for businesses cannot be underestimated – all the necessary steps need to be taken to ensure that there are no breaches or opportunities to gain unauthorized access.

And SD-WAN offers top-class security solutions that can satisfy the needs of any company, no matter its size or the complexity of its networks, while at the same time offering flexibility that can only be achieved with software-based technology.

Not too long ago, internet-based WANs couldn’t be made secure enough to meet the needs of enterprise clients. But with advancements in cloud and digital security technology, SD networks can protect against almost any breach attempt and, in the unlikely case one would occur, quickly segment the network and prevent serious damage.

What’s more, since SD-WAN technologies offer unparalleled opportunities for monitoring performance, it becomes possible to detect any type of unusual activity immediately and address it accordingly.

Leading SD-WAN solutions also come with a range of security features such as VPN encryptions, firewalls, and advanced authentication protocols, which help to provide comprehensive protection against most threats that could be encountered.

Cost Savings

Even though there are numerous SD benefits, probably the biggest difference compared with traditional WAN systems is the significantly reduced cost.

The versatility of WAN connection types allows maximizing the performance of the networks while reducing the need to maintain additional links that serve as backups in traditional WAN systems. With SD-WAN’s adaptive resource allocation, the available networks are automatically assigned traffic to ensure maximum WAN performance and a stable connection.

Finally, the technology doesn’t require any hardware or appliances, which can be expensive on their own, install and maintain. Since SD-WAN operates on the cloud, it is less complicated to install, can be set up relatively quickly and maintained mostly on its own or from a remote location.

If you want to learn more about how to implement SD-WAN technologies types for your company, we can help. At Fusion Connect, we have the best SD-WAN solution options from a multi-vendor (VeloCloud, Cisco, & Fortinet) approach to Managed SD-WAN, which allows us to offer you a fully customized SD-WAN solution based on your individual needs, size, and budget.

Contact us and we’ll help you create a faster, more reliable, and safer network for all your business needs.