Cloud Business Communications Help Reduce Office Space and Rental Costs

Much has been written about the increased agility, customer service, and productivity benefits of using Cloud-based business communications services. Cloud services enable many worker types— executives, knowledge workers, project managers, and customer service staff— to work productively anywhere. Services such as Unified Communications enable the dispersed workforce to regain the benefits of spontaneous “water cooler” conversations.

However, there’s another tangible benefit to more agile, flexible working practice – and that’s the reduction of traditional office space required.

With office space rental costing anywhere from $4,000 to $14,000 per year, per employee in major US cities, freeing workers from their cubicles can yield substantial cost savings for organizations.

Some have even gone the extra mile, becoming completely virtual enterprises, with no traditional brick and mortar office premises. While this will probably remain the exception rather than the rule, there’s no doubt Cloud Communications and near-ubiquitous broadband is providing unprecedented freedom in where and how we choose to work and live.

Reduce your office space and rental costs by upgrading your communications to the cloud. For more information, visit Fusion Connect’s Business Voice.

BroadSoft, MarketWatch

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