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The Next-generation of Direct Routing and How Hybrid Workforces Collaborate

Today's global hybrid workforce prioritizes mobility and flexibility, often juggling multiple communication and collaboration tools to be effective. Businesses can support these workers while maintaining security and minimizing costs by unifying collaboration tools with Calling Services for Microsoft Teams.

The Challenge of Communication in the Hybrid Workplace

Would it surprise you to hear that more than four in five office workers (84%) use at least two communication channels for work? And 18% say they use five or more. At least, that's what a recent Harris Poll indicates. Furthermore, the study, commissioned by Fusion Connect, a Managed Communications Service Provider (MCSP), reflected that 31% of office workers think dealing with technology issues related to collaborating with others makes them less productive.

One issue that comes up regularly is juggling from video conferencing and in-house chats to speaking directly with people on the "outside"—customers, suppliers, and contractors. What happens when an employee is working efficiently in Microsoft Teams, and then needs to take or make a phone call?

If the employee is not in the office, they might have to use a personal cell phone—not ideal nor as professional and secure as they or their company would want. What if a contact wants to call the employee directly, but the office no longer uses traditional desk phones?

Voice Calling Directly from Teams

This issue created a clear need for a solution to make voice calls through Microsoft Teams, and why Fusion Connect is excited to offer Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams. Operator Connect is the next-generation of Direct Routing, adding full voice calling (known technically as calling using the PSTN or public switched telephone network, with public telephone numbers) to Microsoft Teams.

With Microsoft Teams delivered via Operator Connect, employees can make calls seamlessly, directly through Microsoft Teams and administered through Microsoft Teams as well. Microsoft Teams truly unifies employees on a single platform for collaboration, calling, messaging, video meetings, and file sharing.

Even "outsiders" like vendors and customers who don't happen to use Teams can dial contacts at your business just like they dial an ordinary phone number. With Microsoft Teams Calling Services delivered via Operator Connect, Fusion Connect clients can make calls to mobile devices and landlines directly through Microsoft Teams with dedicated local phone numbers that can be accessed on any device, including PCs, smart phones, tablets, and Teams-enabled desk phones.

Low-Maintenance Calling and So Much More

When you deploy Microsoft Teams Calling Services via Operator Connect, you get a reliable, accessible, and low-maintenance calling option with so many benefits, including:

  • Ecosystem Convergence
    Enable a more integrated and manageable IT ecosystem by converging IT services into Microsoft 365.
  • Cost Reduction
    Eliminate the cost of managing and maintaining an onsite PBX system and desk phones.
  • Platform Consolidation
    Reduce the number of redundant collaboration tools (Zoom, Webex, and so on), lowering associated costs and gaining control over official communications channels.
  • Improve Productivity
    Take full advantage of the Microsoft 365 platform you are already paying for to improve employee productivity and streamline communication channels.
  • Service You Can Trust
    Built on a shared service level agreement between Microsoft and Fusion Connect, the Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams offering ensures the availability of the platform and services. This program is backed by Fusion Connect's comprehensive service guarantee, which includes on-time installation and 100% availability for next-generation services.

There’s also no worry about what to do if Teams is unavailable. Our design and implementation of Operator Connect deliver uninterrupted voice service even when Microsoft Teams service is down. What's more, Operator Connect is fully integrated into the Microsoft 365 platform and reflects that level of security, including encryption of messages, room names, and files. And you can always add network security services from Fusion Connect.

Easy Implementation and Administration

Fusion Connect offers managed implementation support for Operator Connect. This means that we take care of system configuration, technical staff training, and service activation. By using automated tools, we can get the service implemented quickly.

Fusion Connect’s Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is also easy to manage via a self-serve administrative portal. The portal is a simplification of the Microsoft administration console, where administrators can manage phone numbers and deploy new Microsoft Teams seats on-demand and in real time. You won't need help from Microsoft or technology vendors to add, edit, or remove users.

The same goes for activating and assigning phone numbers. Fusion Connect currently offers phone numbers for the US, Canada, Mexico, and more than a dozen European countries. We'll be increasing availability internationally in 2023 for additional countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

Microsoft Teams delivered via Operator Connect is the ideal choice for businesses with hybrid workforces looking to take full advantage of their Microsoft 365 platform.

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