Millennials and Technology – "I want it now"

The millennial generation, also known as individuals born between the years of 1980 and 2000, are a group of highly collaborative adults estimated to account for roughly 75% of the global workforce by the year 2025. As a result of the, “I want it now” mindset that many millennials possess and the advantages that come with being raised in an evolving world of technology, millennials have consequently developed work characteristics and tendencies that differ from past generations. This generation is the first to experience personal Cell Phones and Computers, Tablets and iPads, and many other gadgets that present a new and innovative approach to daily tasks.

The infographic below shares a glimpse into the expectations of Millennials in the workplace today.


Millennials’ use of technology visibly sets them apart from others. One characteristic of this generation, that serves as a blatant differentiator, is their attraction to the digital world. It is the belief that this generation is the first to enter the workplace with a better grasp of key business tools, in comparison to their senior colleagues.

With technology dominating every aspect of this groups’ lives, it is not surprising that 41% of millennials say they prefer electronic communication. Millennials routinely make use of their own technology in the workplace, and they are avid believers of using technology to improve efficiency.

Modern technologies, namely Fusion Connect’s Unified Communications (instant messaging, presence, video/web conferencing, voice mail-to-email, etc.) and other collaboration technologies, are the perfect solution to the increasing number of millennial employees entering the workforce today. For a generation that is constantly on the move, fanatical about speed, and constantly need of immediate information, the powerful features offered as part of the Fusion Cloud product suite help maintain a professional business presence on personal phones, regardless of tele-commuting, traveling, or a physical presence in the office.

We may never understand why one would own a cell phone and not utilize it to make calls (why call when you can text?), and thus, in an office, it is often preferable to IM (Instant Message) a colleague a quick question rather than to pick up the phone. In our present day world, we must embrace the evolving technologies, and Fusion’s Cloud Solutions and services are just the ticket.

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