SharePoint and the Benefits of Enterprise Hosted Services

While creating an online portal for a business may seem like a huge undertaking, there are applications that allow for easy creation of secure and customizable hosted content. At Fusion Connect, we offer Microsoft SharePoint (Dedicated & Hosted), an affordable, enterprise-class collaboration and content management platform that allows business to quickly and inexpensively develop a fully functioning intranet site with great functionality, design, and structure.

SharePoint is a highly versatile hosted app that contains many modular parts. In its simplest form, companies can use it as an online filing cabinet – it also has the capabilities of serving as a sophisticated central meeting ground for a large corporation. SharePoint works on many levels of the company by allowing each department to manage their own spaces. By creating a custom web portal, SharePoint is tailored to meet your business’ needs.

With SharePoint, businesses can increase employee, vendor, and consultant communication and collaboration. Sifting through endless emails can be a thing of the past with SharePoint. By replacing long chains of email conversations with discussion boards, accessing and participating in conversation is optimized, and productivity is increased. In addition to providing enterprise-class solutions, SharePoint increases productivity by removing the dependence on in-house services.

In addition to increasing productivity, hosted services are also incredibly cost-efficient. With multi-tenancy, businesses can allow multiple users to access a single piece of software, which results in cost savings. By making documents accessible, SharePoint eliminates the need for large email attachments that slow down the network and eat bandwidth.

Often companies are concerned about major upheavals, security, and reliance on products. While the SharePoint platform offers available add-on services, it also allows cost-effective scaling as business requirements change. Because SharePoint does not require IT personnel to maintain in-house software and systems, your company will ultimately be able to allocate those resources elsewhere. Additionally, SharePoint offers 24/7/365 global access to software and data, which further exemplifies user-friendliness.

In addition to accessibility and reliability, SharePoint offers world-class security. Not only does SharePoint have the option of assigning access levels, permissions and privileges, a company can also reduce the number of communication channels by giving employees one secure place to interact. SharePoint offers superior document management capabilities that ensure the integrity of documents stored on team sites.

Ultimately, hosted services such as SharePoint provide a company with benefits of enterprise-class communication and collaboration solutions without the costs and issues often associated with managing them in-house. Fusion Connect will work with any business to guarantee a smooth implementation of services. To inquire about the benefits of SharePoint collaboration, contact us today.

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