What is Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams Calling Services lets you make and receive calls to landlines and mobile devices.

Industry-leading communication and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams have become a key ingredient in today's thriving hybrid work environment. But employees, vendors, and customers don't communicate only by joining a live meeting or chat. They still call each other from a variety of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers—and of course from a traditional landline telephone. This can lead to a challenging relationship between employees and their collaboration tools.

A recent Harris Poll commissioned by Fusion Connect shows that these issues can decrease productivity. Most workers are forced to juggle multiple communication channels. More than four in five office workers (84%) use at least two communication channels for work, with 18% saying they use five or more. Nearly a third of office workers (31%) say dealing with technology issues related to collaborating with others has negatively impacted their efficiency.

That's why Fusion Connect offers Calling Services for Microsoft Teams, via Operator Connect. This allows businesses to seamlessly integrate calling capabilities into Microsoft Teams, today's leading collaboration platform. It's the next generation of Direct Routing. It adds full voice calling (known technically as calling using the PSTN, or public switched telephone network, with public telephone numbers) to Microsoft Teams. This enables companies to turn Teams into a business phone system. With Calling Services from Fusion Connect, companies can further converge the use of Microsoft 365 licensing and take full advantage of essential collaboration, continuity, and employee management features.

Effortless Management of Users and Phone Numbers

Effortless Management of Users and Phone Numbers Fusion Connect's Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams delivers a simplified administrative portal for a frictionless, self-service experience when managing their Microsoft Teams environment. Admins can activate and assign country-specific phone numbers for their entire team at any time.

Resilient and Available

Most importantly, Teams is fully integrated into the Microsoft 365 platform and takes advantage of the inherent security features. Combining Fusion Connect's unique business continuity approach with the robustness of the Microsoft 365 platform, delivers unparalleled redundancy and peace of mind to our clients.

Voice Calling Options

Forget managing and maintaining an onsite or cloud-based PBX (private branch exchange) system. Now, employees can make calls to anyone, no matter what device is on the other end, right through Microsoft Teams. It truly unifies employees on a single platform for collaboration, calling, messaging, video meetings, and file sharing. By consolidating communication tools, companies can eliminate other apps in their environment and take full advantage of their Microsoft 365 subscription.

Vendors and customers that don't use Teams can dial contacts at your business just like they are dialing a company or landline phone. With Calling Services for Microsoft Teams, Fusion Connect clients can make calls to mobile devices and landlines directly through Microsoft Teams with dedicated local phone numbers that can be accessed on any device, including PCs, smart phones, tablets, and Teams-enabled desk phones.

Converging with Microsoft 365 and Teams Voice Calling for Expanded Benefits

By partnering with Fusion Connect for Microsoft Teams calling services, companies can take advantage of essential features, such as:

  • Business Continuity
    Fusion Connect's design and implementation of Operator Connect delivers uninterrupted voice service even if Microsoft Teams service is not available, allowing clients to maintain full business operations.
  • Global Coverage
    Phone numbers are available in the US, Canada, Mexico and more than a dozen European countries. This will expand more broadly internationally throughout 2023 into additional countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.
  • Professional Implementation Support
    Gain peace of mind with managed implementation support to handle system configuration, technical staff training, and service activation, leveraging an automated set of tools to ensure a quick start for all clients.
  • Simplified Administration
    The enhanced management portal simplifies the Microsoft administration console, allowing administrators to manage phone numbers and deploy new Microsoft Teams seats in real-time and on-demand.

Service You Can Trust

Built on a shared service level agreement between Microsoft and Fusion Connect, the Calling Services for Microsoft Teams offering ensures the availability of the platform and services. This program is backed further by Fusion Connect's comprehensive service guarantee, which includes on-time installation and 100% availability for next-generation services.

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Microsoft Teams Calling Services

Make calls to mobile devices and landlines through Microsoft Teams with Operator Connect.

Microsoft Teams allows collaboration access to files and direct communication with your teams

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