Fusion Connect Unified Communications gives you a range of real-time communication tools, all in one easy-to-use app running on your Smartphone, work computer, or other device, using your business VoIP phone number.

Advantages of SMS Texting in UC

Instant Messaging (chat) and SMS texting in UC work similarly. But SMS Texting with unified communications offers the distinct advantage of letting you text with clients, partners, and other contacts outside your organization that do not use Fusion Connect Unified Communications. It’s as easy as 1 – 2 - 3:

  1. Add the person you want to text as a mobile contact in UC
  2. Click the icon to send a mobile text message
  3. Type your message in the Compose Message portion of the chat window

Screenshot of UCaaS for Broadsoft

You can also use UC to text colleagues inside your organization and even send texts to multiple recipients (including entire departments) with unified messaging.


  • With Fusion Connect UC, your texts come from your business number, not your personal number.
  • Keep your personal or business mobile number private.
  • Give out only one number (your VoIP number) and be reached via UC on your choice of device.

* MegaPath, and this product, are now part of Fusion Connect.