Fusion Connect W-9s

Fusion Connect W-9 info for Fusion Connect and former MegaPath and Birch.
Questions regarding a Fusion Connect W-9 : Tax Team at tax@fusionconnect.com

Fusion Connect W-9s

If you require a W-9 for a different Fusion Connect entity, or if you have questions regarding the W-9 update for legacy Birch, please contact our Tax Team at tax@fusionconnect.com.

W-9 Update for Legacy Birch Customers

Effective June 1, 2019, the account name changed on your invoice as part of Birch’s transition to the Fusion Connect brand.

To ensure your payments are received and applied correctly, please update your records with the new remittance information and the Fusion Connect W-9 available at the links below. Please note the Employee Identification Number (EIN) has not changed.

Fusion Connect W-9s for Legacy Entities

Please refer to your contract for the entity name, and use the appropriate W-9 below.

Legacy Entity Current Entity & W-9

Network Billing Systems, LLC

(includes legacy Apptix, Fidelity and Pingtone)

Fusion LLC
Download W-9

Birch Communications, LLC

Fusion Cloud Services, LLC
Download W-9

Birch Telecom of Texas Ltd LLP

Fusion Telecom of Texas Ltd LLP
Download W-9

Cbeyond Inc.

Cbeyond Communications LLC

Fusion Communications, LLC
Download W-9

If you have a question regarding a Fusion Connect W-9, please contact our Tax Team at tax@fusionconnect.com