Calling Services for Microsoft Teams

Extend Your Reach

Calling Services for Microsoft Teams

Enable External Calling From Inside MS Teams

Choose Fusion Connect Calling Services to extend the reach of your Teams application. Desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, on whatever device your employees use to work with Teams, they can now make and receive calls to individuals outside your organization.

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings workplace chat, video meetings, calls, file storage, and application integration together into a single place. The service integrates with the Office 365 subscription productivity suite and has extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products.

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Calling Services + Microsoft Teams Means:

Teams Collaboration
  • One phone number across all Teams-enabled devices. This means no need for multiple phone numbers or juggling calls between a desk phone, computer, and mobile device.
  • Seamless interactions across platforms. With the ability to call anyone, employees need not pause  their work to move away from Teams to call external colleagues or customers.
  • Desk phones are optional. Since calls are made through computers, businesses can achieve cost savings by scaling back their investment in phones for every desk.

Coverage and Convenience  

One provider

One Provider Convenience

Fusion Connect is a Cloud Services Provider (CSP) which means that we can provide your organization with both calling service and Microsoft 365 subscriptions -- which includes Teams. Get everything from one provider.

remote work performance

Easing the Transition

The future of the workforce is hybrid a combination of people working remotely and in the office. To companies making the adjustment, integrating collaboration technologies is critical. Rely on Fusion Connect’s experts to help you find the right solution.


National Coverage

A Local and Long Distance calling plan ideal for businesses that want a predictable monthly bill. Per-user pricing includes unlimited inbound, outbound, and domestic Long Distance calling to the lower 48 U.S. states, E911 service location, support for unlimited DIDs, and caller ID names. Metered plans available for customers with low usage.

Learn How Fusion Connect Enables the Remote Workforce

Community Journals Case Study Case Study

Case Study

Community Journals employees were telecommuting while waiting to occupy their new building. With Fusion Connect Business Voice, the company feels like they are all under one roof.

MS Teams for Remote Work Solutions

Remote Work Solutions

The right remote working technology ensures higher productivity, more engagement, and greater overall work quality.

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