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Learn how SUITE-k was able to create a modern, telecommuting call center with a reliable network backbone from Fusion Connect.

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“Fusion Connect’s Tech Support has been fantastic throughout the entire process…our entire experience dealing with Fusion Connect has just been great.”

—Joseph Pereira, Systems/Network Admin

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The Challenge

SUITE-k had multiple manufacturing and distribution center locations and wanted to set up broadband data connectivity between those locations and their corporate headquarters, based in South Brunswick, NJ. In addition, they were looking for a vendor who could integrate Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) with the data connectivity between their locations. The customer was an existing client of Fusion Connect for Analog Landline / POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) service and Dedicated Internet Access via T1.

SUITE-k had also begun to investigate the benefits of a hosted or cloud based phone solution to replace its POTS service. While the Fusion Connect service worked well, POTS does have some inherent limitations.

One of the things about a hosted system that appealed most to the company was the ability to dial a 4-digit extension between their multiple locations to communicate internally.

Another feature SUITE-k wished to gain was the ability to reroute DID phone numbers to different destinations in real time to support ongoing business needs and resources.

SUITE-k also had an urgent need to significantly increase the internet bandwidth at one of their locations.


The Solution

SUITE-k, with its multiple sites, required a series of installations. For the Dayton location needing immediate upgrade, Fusion Connect was coordinating the installation of a fiber based 10MB circuit.

However, the time frame needed for fiber installation of this new service did not fit SUITE-K’s requirements. Fusion Connect was able to leverage its relationship with one of its many carrier partners and arrange for the installation of multiple T1s on a month to month basis.

Another installation involved SUITE-k’s Edison, New Jersey location. Here, Fusion Connect had proposed a fiber based solution for the location’s connectivity back to the Fusion Connect network (and thus MPLS connectivity to the other SUITE-k locations).

SUITE-k has not only been very happy with the quality of services Fusion Connect provided them to date, but also with the breadth of Fusion Connect’s product offerings, which they can continue to utilize as their needs and requirements evolve and grow.

“Fusion Connect’s Tech Support has been fantastic throughout the entire process,” was the comment made by Joseph Pereira, SUITE-k; Systems/Network Administrator. “The company went out of their way to get any issues that came up quickly resolved to our satisfaction,” stated Pereira, adding “our entire experience dealing with Fusion Connect has just been great.”


Who is SUITE-k?

SUITE-k is a premier contract manufacturer of cosmetics and personal care products. SUITE-k specializes in research and development of new products for the beauty, spa products, hair care products and personal care products industry.

Additionally, their warehousing and distribution services provide state of the art systems and controls to quickly move their clients’ products from formulation to shelf. Their experienced staff of researchers, chemists, marketing executives, and manufacturing specialists provides quality products and a high level of responsiveness to their clients.


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“Our entire experience dealing with Fusion Connect has just been great.”

Joseph Pereira, Systems/Network Admin


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