DataRemote 90X1

    The 90X1 Device provides flexible connectivity options to cater to diverse communication needs. With its 5G/Cellular/WAN Wired Router capabilities and automated Internet fail-over, this device ensures all critical equipment previously connected or dependent on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) can communicate seamlessly via the integrated ATA/MFVN with enhanced line support. The 90X1 leverages its integrated battery backup and UPS power output capabilties to ensure power is provided to any approved device in the event of loss of power. The 90X1’s integrated ATA/MFVN enhanced line features support Machine to Machine (M2M), analog wireline in-band voice, FAX, alarm signals, etc.

    DataRemote 90X1

    Top Device Features

      • Automatic Internet Fail-over & Recovery
      • Multi-Carrier Dual-SIM capable
      • Integrated and patented battery backup with UPS External Power Output supports up to 24 hours*
      • Direct plug & play analog POTS / MFVN line replacement
      • Analog modem signal transmission
      • Legacy Analog FAX transmission
      • Emergency Responder Access & E911 Support with Geo-location
      • Support for Burglar and Fire Alarm signal transmission
      • GNSS Location Based Service capability
      • Elevator, paging, taxi phone line (Auto Dial), and P.O.S
      • 5G Sub-6 GHz Module - supports 5G NSA & SA
      • Covers most mainstream carriers worldwide
      • DC input 19VDC, 4A Barrel Plug

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