MegaPath Archive: Voice Learning Center

    Note: These archived support documents are for legacy MegaPath Hosted Voice and MegaPath One services purchased before June 14, 2019.

    How to Set Up Speed Dial 100

    To Program Using Advanced Configuration

    1. Log in to the Voice Manager.
    2. Select Settings > Advanced Configuration.
    3. On the Calling Features page, locate Outgoing Calls > Speed Dial 100.
    4. Select Editto add a phone number/extension and assign a speed dial prefix to it.
    5. Create your Speed Dial 100 entry by adding a description and phone number or extension to assign to the speed dial prefix, and then select OK to save your changes. Repeat as necessary to create up to 100 speed dials. You can also import a .CSV file.

    To Program by Phone

    1. Lift the telephone handset. Press the assigned Feature Access Code *75.
    2. At the dial tone, enter the two-digit code (00 through 99) that will represent the number you want to program, followed by the complete number.
    3. Press the # key. The speed number is programmed.

    To Use

    1. Lift the telephone handset.
    2. Enter # followed by the two-digit Speed Dial 100 code, and enter # again.