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Business Ethernet

Business Ethernet Solutions

Fusion Business Ethernet offers fast, scalable, and predictable bandwidth. With greater resilience at high speeds, there’s no better value.

Ethernet is ideal for businesses with demanding, mission-critical data access needs, and offers symmetrical bandwidth up to 10 Gbps alongside industry-leading uptime guarantees.

  • Up to 50% less expensive than comparable T1 service
  • Great for geographically dispersed workforce using virtual private networking (VPN)
  • Easier to upgrade service without changing hardware

Get 20x20 Mbps for only $379/mo.

Do It All With Ethernet

High Performance, High Bandwidth

High Performance

  • Up to 50% less expensive than comparable T1 service
  • Ideal for businesses that use bandwidth-intensive applications or transfer large data, image or video files
  • Supports remote workers and VPN
  • Easier to upgrade service without changing hardware

Robust Service Level Agreements

Guaranteed Reliability

  • Service guarantees cover installation, availability, repair, and more
  • 99.9% or better uptime guarantee (99.99% with Failover)


Easy Installation & Management

  • Expert installation and technical support
  • U.S.-based agents, 24/7/365

Why Choose Ethernet

Symmetric Ethernet

Speeds up to 10x10 Gbps

A Business Ethernet connection offers low latency and higher bandwidths at a lower cost than a Bonded T1 line. Ethernet requires less on-premises equipment than comparable T1 services.

Higher speeds can often be provisioned on existing circuits, making Ethernet a cost-effective and reliable way to scale and support your bandwidth demands.

For businesses with less intensive bandwidth demands, try Asymmetrical Ethernet.

Technical Specs

Speed: Symmetrical speed options: 2, 3, 10, 15, 20, 45, 50, 100, 200, 250 and 500 Mbps; 1, 2, 5, and 10 Gbps.

Availability: Over 800 Central Offices across 50 major markets in the U.S.

Equipment: Layer 2 or Layer 3 termination. The router is not included and needs to be purchased or rented.

Healthcare Industry Case Study MCMC, LLC

MCMC expands while saving money, with hosted voice and managed network solutions.

The provider of customized managed care, medical bill review, and integrated service programs needed to connect fourteen offices and teleworkers across the country. MCMC required affordable, relaible phone and internet services while minimizing administrative and system maintenance hassles.

Cost Savings
Vendor Management

Read MCMC Case Study

A Complete Office Solution

Business Voice Systems

Business Voice

Improve the way your employees communicate, in and out of the office.

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Business Internet services

Business Internet

Get fast, predictable bandwidth that fits your needs and budget, available throughout the U.S. and in Canada.

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network and security services


Simplify branch-office networking and ensure delivery of bandwidth-intensive applications.

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