Managed Communications Services for Healthcare

Improve your patient experience while streamlining facility operations.

When lives and quality of care are on the line, you need fast, reliable communications services.
Fusion Connect’s managed communications services ensure your facilities are always on, protected, and optimized to support efficient staff collaboration and help ensure a world-class patient experience


Technology Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Improve the Patient Experience and Protect Patient Healthcare Information

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Seamlessly connect care providers, patients, and support staff.

  • Streamline staff communications.
    Facilitate more effective communication among care providers and between providers and support staff by centralizing communications on a fully integrated platform.
  • Enable staff to more efficiently serve patients.
    Give your team the ability to move around exam and treatment rooms with tablets and laptops that can securely access patient data.
  • Meet patient expectations regarding telehealth services and virtual care options.
    Originally implemented in response to the pandemic, telehealth and virtual care options have become a post-pandemic patient expectation, particularly in areas where access to care is limited. Ensure your facilities are prepared to deliver.

Deliver a world-class patient experience.

  • Create a better pre-visit patient experience.
    Ensure that your patients feel taken care of and prepared for their appointment by using routing capabilities that send inbound calls to agents based on caller data, IVR selection, business hours, and more.
  • Provide a better waiting room experience.
    Post-pandemic diners expect restaurants to provide the service options they’ve become accustomed to over the past several years. We make it easy for you to facilitate curbside, locker pick-up, or direct delivery, contactless ordering, cashier-less payment, and more.
  • Ensure uninterrupted access to data from AI-based diagnostics and wearables.
    As RPMs and AI-based diagnostic continue to proliferate, ensure your facilities have reliable access to patient data with a service that is both resilient and secure.

Safeguard your data and reduce risk.

  • Secure telehealth phone and video conferencing.
    Ensure that patient information shared by your team with patients via phone or through video is secure.
  • Maintain patient trust.
    Maintain your customers’ trust by protecting the data you collect. Fusions Connect’s Advanced Edge Security safeguards your network and information assets, and protects your facilities against patient identity theft, malware, viruses, spam, and emerging cyber threats.
  • Remain HIPAA compliant.
    Our security features help you protect the privacy and security of patient health information in alignment with HIPAA regulations.

Services Designed to Meet Healthcare’s Unique Needs

Managed Communications Services for Healthcare

Managed Communications Services
Facilitate timely, effective collaboration among your staff and patients, regardless of their location, with a true unified communications experience.

Managed Connectivity for Healthcare

Managed Connectivity
Ensure your communications are fast and secure. Keep your healthcare locations connected with a broadband internet connection, managed SD-WAN for traffic prioritization, and Advanced Edge Security with unified threat management.

Business Continuity for Healthcare

Business Continuity
Ensure the resiliency of your communications network so that you can provide an exceptional patient experience. Maintain voice services even if your unified communications client is not available, and protect your communication services from disruption during brown-outs and black-outs.

Contact Center for Healthcare

Contact Center
Connect with patients quickly, seamlessly, and securely — regardless of your staffs’ location — and provide an exceptional patient experience. Easily scale when demand increases, while also lowering your operational costs.

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