Solutions for Manufacturing & Distribution

Modernize operations while expanding your business.

Technology that Supports Digital Transformation

Efficiency and innovation begin with a reliable, flexible, and secure network infrastructure. Move the needle on your company's digital transformation starting today.

Manufacturing and distribution organizations benefit from Fusion Connect's full suite of business solutions. Featuring phone systems with video for field collaboration and software-defined networks and WiFi that support IoT, ERP, automation, and smart manufacturing.


"Manufacturers looking to capture growth and protect long-term profitability should embrace digital capabilities from corporate functions to the factory floor."

2022 Manufacturing Industry Outlook, Deloitte

Connect Remote Workers, Technicians, Machines, and Warehouse Floors

Deliver on production promises. Ensure effective communication, collaboration, and connectivity among staff, back-office applications, and machines. Fusion Connect's secure communication system supports virtual work, ERP systems, wearable devices, and IoT-connected machines.

  • Help employees be productive anywhere. Ensure that your staff can work remotely, in the field, or in the office seamlessly with our phone and video systems that include popular collaboration tools and apps, plus and use popular features like Find Me / Follow Me and Voicemail Transcribed as Email.
  • Serve customers anywhere with remote assistance. With virtual and augmented reality options, your field techs can serve customers remotely.
  • Be competitive. Move IoT and robotics initiatives forward and move your ERP to the cloud with Fusion Connect's SD-WAN combined with our IP-Backbone that lets us prioritize applications and provide connectivity to SaaS and multi-cloud providers.
  • Introduce advanced capabilities in remote facilities. Rely on wireless broadband as a failover or standalone connection where wireline is unavailable.

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Connect. Protect. Accelerate Your Business.

Safeguard Data and Network Infrastructure

Sensitive corporate information is protected when you choose Fusion Connect’s Advanced Edge Security services with a UTM device or service, which guards against potential data breaches and espionage. In addition, our Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and SD-WAN help ensure that your network performance can support:

  • AI initiatives like sophisticated automation and smart manufacturing
  • Wearable devices that monitor production lines and supply chain progress
  • Secure phone and video conferencing for remote workers and technicians

Accelerate Business Growth

Fusion Connect's complete solution stack combined with the industry's best and most comprehensive Service Guarantee provides complete peace of mind, helping you meet customer demands and prepare for the future. You'll have more time to innovate and grow the business with cost-effective access to:

  • High-capacity internet and backup, mobile-enabled phone systems, and secure web conferencing
  • Communication tools that reliably connect your team, techs, and machines anytime, anywhere via Fusion Connect's IP backbone and 24/7 technical support
  • The best, most comprehensive guarantee in the industry: 100% uptime, service installation timeliness, locked rates, and overall customer satisfaction
  • Automatic upgrades for UCaaS and SD-WAN technology at no additional cost throughout the duration of the contract, effectively future-proofing your infrastructure

Advanced Communications

Reliable collaboration with office staff, engineers, technicians, and customers

Make it easy for customers and employees to reach you with remote access features for workers and technicians and secure video conferencing.

Manage heavy call volumes with a secure call center solution.

Collaborate instantly with engineers, field techs, and staff via secure online tools that work across devices.


Reliable high-speed internet and managed WiFi

Connect your engineers, corporate staff, customers, and technicians using broadband services.

Get support for virtual work, ERP systems, wearable devices, and IoT-connected machines.

Network Protection

Secure networking for the office, warehouse, and the field

Minimize risk and costs associated with data breaches and ransomware with protection against malicious content at the device level.

Protect against malicious attacks and costly downtime.

Safeguard corporate data and eliminate the hassle of maintaining a secure network yourself.

Move the Needle on Your Digital Transformation.

Get reliable, flexible, and secure infrastructure for your business.