Managed Communications Services
for Retailers

A better experience for your customers and streamlined business operations.

Stay Connected to Your Customers

Seamlessly, flexibly, and securely serve your customers wherever they are—in-store, online, or anywhere in between—while also simplifying your business operations.

Fusion Connect makes this easy to achieve with managed communications services that ensure your business is always on, protected, and optimized to support the unique needs of retail enterprises.

Ensure Your Communications Are Fast, Resilient, and Secure.

  • Be there for your customers, wherever they are.
    Today’s retail customers expect you to meet them where they are, whether that’s online, in-store, or curbside. Fusion Connect provides your organization with fast, reliable, secure voice and internet communications, with built-in redundancy.
  • Safeguard your brand and reinforce positive word-of-mouth. Maintain your customers’ trust by protecting the data you collect. Fusions Connect provides Advanced Edge Security that safeguards your network and information assets and protects your business against malware, viruses, spam, and emerging cyber threats.
  • Quickly and predictably open new locations. When efficiency and predictability matter, count on Fusion Connect to help you quickly open new locations based on your retail technology infrastructure specifications.
Managed Communications Services for Retail

Retail Communications Services

Improve customer service and streamline your business operations with solutions from Fusion Connect.

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Support Timely, Effective Communication with Your Customers and Staff

  • Make customer experience your competitive advantage.
    Provide your customers with the effortless, connected, and personalized service they expect from their favorite brands by providing a seamless experience regardless of the communication channel. AI-powered automation provides data-driven insights to inform next-best actions for digital chats, as well as contextual recommendations for agents during live calls.
  • Show them you know them.
    Ensure your staff can provide the knowledgeable, personal service that repeat customers expect by providing them with a unified view of previous customer interactions and transactions—across channels—on any device.
  • Support effective communication and collaboration among staff.
    Provide your teams with the tools they need—from online collaboration to video conferencing to screen sharing—to ensure they’re productive and responsive to customer needs from wherever they’re currently located.
Impacts of Internet Downtime On Your Retail Business

How Downtime Impacts Your Retail Business, and How to Avoid It

Loss of internet and phone connectivity can mean lost profits and customer goodwill. Learn how to avoid it for your retail business.

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Improve Your In-Person Customer Experience

  • Provide exceptional in-store service.
    Immediately respond to customer inquiries about product inventory and availability from anywhere within your stores through a secure, private WiFi network.
  • Give them options.
    Post-pandemic shoppers expect retailers to mirror the service options they’ve become accustomed to when shopping online. Our Managed Infrastructure and Managed WiFi services make it easy for you to facilitate curbside pick-up and delivery, contactless ordering, cashier-less payment, and more.
  • Efficiently support new experiential technologies.
    Our Future-Proof Technology guarantees your unified communications and wide-area network technology is updated to the latest technology at no cost to you. Coupled with our built-in reliability and high speeds, means you’ll be ready to support whatever is next for the retail industry.
Customer Staff Interaction

Services Designed to Meet Retailers’ Unique Needs

managed infrastructure

Managed Infrastructure

Fast, reliable, secure voice and internet communications for your U.S.-based or multinational retail business, with built-in redundancy.


Unified Communications

Add the Unified Communications package to facilitate timely, effective collaboration among your staff and customers. Includes all the features included in Managed Infrastructure package, while replacing business lines with a true unified communications experience.


Managed WiFi

Add the Managed WiFi package to provide private WiFi throughout your locations to your employees, as well as public WiFi access for your customers.

contact call center

Contact Center

Add the Contact Center package to ensure you can seamlessly, securely connect with customers regardless of your team's location, easily scale when demand increases, and lower your operational costs.

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