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    Fusion Connect Hosted Voice uses your internet connection to provide your business with reliable telephony. Includes affordable calling plans, high-definition (HD) office phones, and dozens of calling and mobility features that help your employees work smarter. No need to manage expensive equipment or hardware onsite. We manage the whole system so you can focus on your business priorities.

    Features & Scalability

    Mobility features like Advanced Call Forwarding and One Number Calling across devices make it easy to work from anywhere. Get only the seats you need and scale at will.

    Easy Management

    With a hosted service, you can stop funding and servicing PBX equipment. We offer fast install options and free training for your users and admins. With our web portal you can easily manage services and support.

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    Hosted Voice Features

    Top Features

    • One Number Calling from Any Device
    • Audio Conferencing
    • Find Me/Follow Me & Advanced Call Forwarding
    • Visual Voicemail with Transcription
    • Mobile Administration
    • 100% Uptime Guarantee

    Popular Options

    • Call Recording
    • Auto Attendant & Automatic Call Distribution
    • Hunt Groups
    • Receptionist Console
    • Agent & Supervisor Seats
    • VoIP Faxing

    Hosted VoIP Features

    50+ features help you get more done every day.

    Business Features
    Increase personal and team efficiency with these full features…
    • Alternate Numbers
      Use up to ten alternate phone numbers in addition to your main phone number. Assign one of four distinctive ring patterns for each alternate number. Each distinctive ring pattern has a distinctive call waiting tone.
    • Anonymous Call Rejection
      Reject calls from anonymous parties. The user’s phone does not ring and there is no indication of the attempted call. Callers are notified that the called party is not accepting calls from restricted callers.
    • Busy Lamp Field
      Plays the role of an attendant console on the phone of a user monitoring several lines on their phone. Typical application is for a receptionist.
    • Call Logs & Call Detail Records
      Displays records of the user’s most recent incoming, missed, and outgoing calls and allows the user to click-to-dial any number on the logs.
    • Call Notify
      When enabled, a user can define criteria for certain incoming calls to trigger an email notification to a user-specified address.
    • Call Park
      Hold a call and retrieve it from another station within a group.
    • Call Pick Up
      Enables a defined user to answer any ringing line within their pick-up group.
    • Call Recording
      This feature offers policy-led recording and retention for 90 days of audio calls made within our Hosted Voice solution. Useful for organizations that need to retain records of their conversations for compliance, training, or other purposes.
    • Call Return
      Call the last party that called you.
    • Call Transfer
      Transfer a call to a specific destination. The transfer can be blind, with third-party consultation or with three-way consultation.
    • Call Waiting
      Answer a call while already engaged in another call.
    • Calling Line ID/Blocking
      Outgoing number and name can be revealed or blocked by the user.
    • Calling Party Category
      Associate and identify a category with a calling party number, for example, Payphone, Hotel, or Hospital.
    • Consultation Hold
      Put a caller on hold, call a third party, hang up, and resume the conversation with the caller.
    • Customer Originated Trace
      Trace the last incoming call received by dialing a feature access code after the call or mid-call.
    • Directed Call Pick-up with Barge-In
      Answer (with permission) or barge-in on a call directed to another phone in the user's group.
    • Distinctive Alert/Ringing
      Set a distinct ring or call-waiting alert for calls that meet specific criteria.
    • Diversion Inhibitor
      Prevents a transferred call from being redirected by the transferred-to party.
    • Do Not Disturb
      Set status to unavailable; all incoming calls are treated as if the user is busy.
    • Extension Dialing
      Call co-workers within the company, regardless of location, using only a 2- to 6-digit extension.
    • Fax Messaging
      Incoming Fax messages use the employee number and are filed alongside voicemail.
    • Hoteling
      A user can associate their service profile with devices other than their own.
    • Line Status Monitoring
      Enables a user, for example, a receptionist, to monitor a set of users within a business group by graphically displaying each user’s status (busy, idle, do not disturb) and detailed call information. Part of Receptionist Seat.
    • Message Call Back/Auto Callback
      Respond to voice messages and faxes by calling the caller/sender directly from the system, removing the inconvenience of searching for and dialing numbers.
    • Message Waiting Indicator
      A stutter tone and a visual indicator signal the receipt of a new voicemail message or fax.
    • Priority Alert
      Define criteria to have certain incoming calls trigger distinctive alerting.
    • Push to Talk
      Point-to-point intercom functionality between two phones in the same group.
    • Secure Voice
      Customer has the option to deploy voice devices with SRTP and SIPS to provide encryption for voice traffic.
    • Selective Call Acceptance
      Accept only calls that meet user configurable criteria based on time of day, calling number, etc.
    • Selective Call Rejection
      Block calls that meet user configurable criteria based on time of day, calling number, etc.
    • Speed Dial 100
      Associate codes to frequently-dialed or hard-to-remember long strings of digits. Users can then use these codes instead of the full numbers to place calls.
    • Voice Messaging
      Customize personal greetings. Users can listen to, forward, delete, and save each received voice message. During playback, users can fast forward, skip, rewind, or pause messages.
    • “0” Out Voicemail Option
      Enables callers to exit voicemail by pressing “0”, and be redirected to an operator or other specified phone number.

    Available with UCaaS services only.

    Mobility Features
    Take your business phone anywhere with these features…
    • Advanced Call Forwarding
      Define your own call forwarding rules. You can forward all of your calls to another destination, or just forward calls when your line’s busy, or when you don’t answer. Or, you can define criteria for certain incoming calls to be redirected to specified destinations.
    • Find Me/Follow Me
      A combination of Simultaneous and Sequential Ring, it allows users to define how incoming calls are routed or forwarded to individuals or groups of inbound callers, ensuring that you receive important calls whether you’re at your desk, on the road, or anywhere else.
    • Anywhere Portal
      Get one-number calling from any device. Your calls appear to originate from your VoIP number and all of your calls are routed through your Hosted Voice interface. Make or take calls using your desk phone, conference room phone, computer softphone client, or smartphone. Move a call from one device to another without disconnecting the call.
    • Sequential Ring
      Avoid missed calls by having up to five phone numbers ring in a specified sequence when incoming calls meet specific criteria.
    • Simultaneous Ring
      Handle incoming calls more efficiently. Incoming calls ring up to ten phone numbers or extensions at the same time.
    • Teleworker Solution/Remote Office
      Enables a remote location to use an IP phone without the aid of a dedicated voice gateway or Fusion connectivity. One phone per remote location.
    • Voice Communications Toolbar
      Make and receive telephone calls and manage your most used calling features from within Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
    • Voice Manager (Mobile & Desktop)
      A simple-to-use Web application allows users to make and receive phone calls, change routing, and turn features on or off as needed, with a single click. You can access on your smartphone or PC.

    Available with UCaaS services only.

    Collaboration Features
    Unite and easily connect with your team and others…
    • Audio Conferencing
      Host audio conferences using simple, intuitive desktop and mobile clients. Each user gets a conference code and leader PIN number for on-demand audio conferencing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • N-Way Calling
      Add up to 13 participants to an active call.
    • Visual Voicemail
      View, play and read your voicemail and fax messages directly in your inbox.

      Voicemail to Email which allows you to receive voicemails and faxes as email attachments.

      Voicemail Transcription sends your voicemails transcribed as emails to your inbox.

      Faxes are included as PDF attachments.

    Available with UCaaS services only.

    System & Admin Features
    Far simpler than traditional phone systems with these features…
    • Management Portal
      Administrators have control of all users across all office locations. No need to tie up your IT department or keep telephony specialists on staff.

      Administrators can chat with support; manage support tickets; port phone numbers from your previous provider; order new services and phones; access calling records; and pay your bill.
    • Account Codes
      Assign certain calls to specified accounts for tracking purposes.
    • Receptionist
      Give callers a personal, human touch every time they call. Enables a telephone attendant or receptionist to monitor phone status for selected employee phones and efficiently manage incoming calls.
    • Company Directory
      List of company contacts directory (available on Poly phones).
    • E911 service
      Local emergency operator assistance.
    • Music/Message on Hold
      Play music or a recorded message when the call is on hold or parked.

    Available with UCaaS services only.

    Add-On Features
    Optional features to enhance your Business VoIP service…
    • Additional Voice Mailboxes
      This independent voicemail package with a dedicated phone number can be used by one or many employees to check and receive voicemail messages in the office or on the road. The same mailbox also supports Fax messages for no additional charge.
    • Auto Attendant/Enhanced Auto Attendant
      An automated receptionist that provides a personalized message to callers with options for connecting to the operator, dialing by name or extensions, or connecting up to six configurable extensions. Additionally, Auto Attendant may be configured to provide separate business and after-hours greetings.

      Enhanced Auto Attendant provides all the features of Auto Attendant, plus a holiday routing option and the ability to transfer to submenus.
    • Call Center
      A complete, feature-rich Call Center Solution that offers automated, intelligent call distribution. It’s ideal wherever you need to manage heavy call volume including sales, customer support, and IT support.

    App Integrations

    Fusion Connect integrates with many popular business tools.





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